Burgers and Sausage

Anybody ready for a BBQ? 
Or maybe in the mood for a sandwich? 

Well, either way you are in luck! We are happy to announce that you can now buy
  Natural Dry-Aged Beef Hamburger Patties 
 Summer & BBQ Farmer Sausage too!

 Careful though - they're deliciously addictive (if we do say so ourselves)!  

Have a look...

Natural Beef Hamburger Patties $38/box˙

Our Natural Hamburger Patties are…
  • Made only with Cober Natural Beef (raised by our family).
  • Sold by the box (already frozen) at any time (with bulk and buy the box orders and/or on their own)
    • 30 Patties per box
    • Patties are separated by waxed paper
  • Available in 4 prepared ways (all for the same price)
    • 1 - Seasoned Burgers
      • The Seasoning is not "spicy," but our butcher's full flavoured "house special."
    • 2 - Unseasoned Burgers
      • No "house special" seasoning, but standard patty ingredients (crumbs and onions, seasoning for example)
    • 3 - Crumb/Gluten Free Seasoned Burgers
      • The seasoning for these burgers is exactly the same as that for the "seasoned" burgers above, but that's where the similarity ends. As per their name, crumb free seasoned burgers are perfect for those who cannot have (or do not want) crumbs in their hamburger patties.
    • 4 - Nuthin' but the Beef Burgers (Unseasoned & crumb/gluten free) 
      • Burgers formed only with beef. 100% beef and nuthin' but. Period.
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Natural Beef Summer Sausage $20/stick˙

As with our Hamburger patties, our Summer Sausage is made only with Cober Natural Beef (raised by our family). For those of you unfamiliar with summer sausage, this product is
 not sausage in the traditional sense - you don't fry it up or toss it on the BBQ. Instead, summer sausage is more of a deli meat meant for sandwiches or for meat and cheese trays, etc. (though if you want to BBQ or fry it, I suppose that's your perogative…). All kidding aside, our summer sausage is:
  • Sold by the stick (2.5lbs), and packaged in cloth bags 
  • Fresh (i.e. never frozen) if purchased with bulk order
  • Frozen if purchased separately
  • Very freezer friendly, and
  • Prepared using a traditional (and yummy) Mennonite recipe  

NEW!!! BBQ Farmer Sausage  $7/pack of 4˙

Here's what you need to know:

  • It's made entirely with our Natural Dry-Aged Beef 
  • It is lightly seasoned, and has some oatmeal in it for binding too. 
  • You can BBQ it and stick it on a bun, or
  • You can fry it on the stove and serve alongside eggs, pancakes or other breakfast fare
  • You can fry it and break it up into a "ground beef" type consistency, and stick it in spaghetti sauce or other such concoctions AND
  • You can make Potato and Farmer Sausage Casserole as the "Mennonite Girls can Cook" do - and every one of the recipes I've tried from their site has been a good one, so don't stop at looking at just that one recipe!

We've had some people try out our new Natural Sausages over the last few weeks, and so far the response has been:
  • Good taste and texture,
  • Browned nicely, 
  • Great flavour,
  • An alternative to pork sausage, but a much different taste, 
  • Fantastic to know that it is beef only, and both Natural and Dry-Aged
  • More fat/grease than expected,
  • Great on the BBQ, especially for "Sausage on a Bun,"
  • Good seasoning 

here for info on ordering and delivery.

˙Prices Current May 2017 and are subject to change.