Custom Packages

Custom "Beef in Bulk" Packages

Your Natural Beef, Your Way, 

     So, you are thinking about ordering natural beef, straight from the farmer who raised it - that's great! Thanks for supporting local farmers! BUT, do you get a tad confused or overwhelmed when the farmer asks you questions like "How many roasts do you want? How many steaks would you prefer? How thick would you like the steaks to be? Do you want 3lb. roasts or 5lb roasts?" If this is you, guess what? You're not alone!

     In fact, many people feel intimidated when faced with the large number of choices typically involved in ordering a side of beef. The especially tricky part is that if you are not very familiar with the anatomy or weight of a cow, or what the butcher can or cannot do, you can end up with an order of beef that does not look anything like what you thought it would - and who wants that? We don't, and we don't want that for you either. So then what?

     So, we've streamlined the process for ordering beef in bulk in a way that we think makes it easier to order, while still affording you the opportunity to choose a customized package that makes sense for you and your family.

Custom Bulk Packages $4.00/lb˙

These packages are designed to afford you the opportunity to customize your beef with respect to:
  • The type of beef cuts your family likes to eat.
    • For example: Does your family eat roasts at all? Never? Well, then no roasts for you! It's as easy as that.
  • The quantity of specific cuts that best meet the cooking habits of you and your family. 
    • For example: Do you want a little of everything and a LOT of one thing? We've got you covered there too. Just like that, it's easy-peasy!
So, pick the package that works best for you, and drop us an email to let us know what package you've chosen. Don't forget to include any other products you'd like in your order too - like burgers and summer sausage!

All packages are equal in value. The 
approximate cost of a quarter is about $600 - $800 (it all depends on the size of the animal).

Click here for info on ordering and delivery. And, check out our FAQ page for info on the freezer space you'll need for your order.

Ground Beef
Stewing Beef

Variety is the Spice of Life

We LOVE steak, and like the occasional roast
We LOVE ground beef, and enjoy roasts and steaks too

We are addicted to burgers (patties) and the rest is a bonus
2 boxes
45% (less the amount from the burgers)
˙There is a 2 box minimum for Burgers that are part of a quarter/side order. They are $7.50/box when sold as part of a quarter, and free when sold as a part of a side. Note that burgers are also sold separately too. Click here for burger prices
˙˙Considered a “standard quarter”
˙˙˙Click here for burger types

Please Note:  If you have been ordering beef from us for years now and would like to continue to get the exact package you always have, then we will "grandfather" you in… Thanks for your continued business!

˙Prices Current May 2017 and are subject to change.