Products and Pricing

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  • Beef in bulk is $4.00/lb˙
    • Price per pound is the same whether you order a quarter, half, or whole
    • Price per pound is the same for all packages.
    •  Custom Packages Include:
      • 1 - Variety is the Spice of Life
      • 2 - We LOVE steak and like the occasional roast
      • 3 - We LOVE ground beef, and enjoy roasts and steaks too, or
      • 4 - We are addicted to burgers (patties) and the rest is a bonus
  • Burgers are $38/box˙
    • Always 30 burgers/box 
    • Price per box is the same whether you order:
      • 1 - Seasoned Burgers
      • 2 - Unseasoned Burgers
      • 3 - Crumb/Gluten Free Burgers
      • 4 - Nuthin' but the Beef Burgers (Crumb/Gluten free Unseasoned Burgers)

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