The Skinny on Natural Beef

Here's the Skinny on Natural Beef

To be called natural beef, the product must be
  • Minimally processed
  • Free from artificial ingredients, and
  • Free from preservatives
     As long as those requirements are met, the product can be deemed natural beef. 

     However, beef producers can go above and beyond that - and that's precisely what we've done. In fact, we've made it as close to certified organic as possible - without the price you have to pay for organic beef. 

     As an aside allow me to say that we believe the price of organic food is justifiably higher than other food, as organic farming is an expensive endeavour. It would be a disservice to organic farmers if the prices did not reflect the additional costs of farming certified organically. 

     We've chosen to raise Natural Beef because we believe it gets farm fresh beef in your freezer at an affordable price while making sense for our farm setup at this time. Please see the table below for more of the skinny on our natural beef. 

Organic Criteria*
Our Natural Beef

Verifiable Production System
Records show where a cow was born, when it was born, to whom (farmer/ranch), and any place to which they’ve relocated. Their breed info and lineage is included in these records.

Veterinary records document any care received over the course of the cow’s life
Records show exactly what has been fed to the cow in it’s entire lifetime
Born and Raised on Certified Organic Pasture
Organic farmers face a very large, very specific set of stringent rules, associated fees, etc. as well as special equipment, and farm set-up in many cases in order to be legally organic.
We don’t participate in the program at this time
No Antibiotic use for Weight Gain
No use of antibiotics for weight gain (Antibiotics often misused in order to ensure herd health/protection from bacteria so that cows don’t get sick and therefore gain as much weight as possible).

No Growth Hormones
No use of growth hormones for weight gain.

Fed Only Certified Organic Grain and Grasses
Not only are they fed certified organic products, they are NOT fed any animal byproducts
We only feed our cows grains and grasses as well - but not necessarily certified organic grains and grasses.

We hope you enjoy our Natural beef!  

Don't forget to check our FAQ page for additional information. If you can't find the answers you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

*Info taken from  the USDA[1] rules 2002