Our Commitment to You

We're Committed!

     We are a very small, family owned and operated farm. Our goal is to get affordable, great tasting Natural beef from our farm onto your table. And if you are going to spend your hard earned money on our beef, we are committed to providing you with….

Natural Beef
Our beef is free from antibiotics, and free from growth hormones. We don't feed them any animal products or byproducts… or anything else that is remotely bad for them. They are vegetarians (who really really love apples if the stripped bare thorn apple trees are any indication). Click here for more of the skinny on natural beef.

Great Tasting Beef
Although all men are created equal… all beef are not! Our cattle are not just random cows who've gotten frisky with the bull of their choice! No, we are ever the fastidious chaperone's - there's no stolen smooches on our watch! Not at all! We feed and breed our cattle for their taste, and we do so with intention.
In fact, except in rare circumstances, our cattle are born on this farm, raised by their mom's on this farm, and when old enough to eat more than their Mama's milk, they are fed by us on our farm too. Then, when said offspring are old enough, the newly grown-up cows are introduced to a selected bull of our choice - not theirs. From there the cycle comes full circle as the newly grown up cows also produce their offspring on our farm. This way, we can ensure that the final product you purchase is a great tasting one, with a "natural beef" guarantee to boot.

We competitively price our beef, and we want you to get the best bang for your buck (well, technically it's a bull not a buck, but you get the gist…). We've tried to provide packages for most every price point. Your best deal is to buy in bulk, but you can buy our natural beef by the box, or in some cases (like summer sausage and hamburger patties), by specific item. Look here for beef in bulk or by the box, or here for more info on burgers and summer sausage. A review of all products and pricing can also be found on the order and delivery page.

Options, Options, and more Options
We want you to make the purchase that is right for you. To do that, we've provided lots of options. Want burgers without crumbs, or with spice? We've got you covered.  Want to make the majority of a side of beef into hamburger, or a nice mix of all cuts? We've got you covered there too. See more info on customizing your order here.

We know this may seem like an odd commitment, but it is nonetheless… actually it's a commitment in progress, as there is always room for improvement.  We've wanted to take the guess work out of ordering beef (choosing cuts and quantities, etc), especially beef in bulk. After all it can be tricky to deconstruct an entire quarter or side into specific cuts and quantities instead of walking into a grocery store and picking out a few packages of pre-cut prepared beef. So, in response to your feedback we have streamlined the process so that you can still customize your order - easy-peasy. Check out our customize your order page.